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about us

For more than 25 years, our projects have taken us throughout North America. From rural outposts in Northern Canada, to Mexico City and a lot of locations in between, we’ve created unique and exciting projects for hundreds of customers. We’ve made friends along the way and enjoyed our work designing and installing lights and décor wherever a project takes us. 


LED Replacement Lamps

"Go Green" with C-7 and C-9 LED replacement lamps! Always at the cutting edge of our industry, Lights For All Seasons, Inc. is excited to offer the latest true-to-color C-7 and C-9 replacement LED bulbs. Chosen by the professionals and priced well below our competitors, our LEDs are transforming are holiday light market. Now with hundreds of thousands sold, their durability has been proven. The lamps endure every kind of weather from cold, snowy conditions in Northern Canada to pounding rain and salty air on the Oregon Coast, to name a few. Lights For All Seasons, Inc. offers only the best products in the industry, and these C-7 and C-9 LED lamps are no exception.

  • Save 95% in power costs

  • Five-season warranty

  • 100,000 hours of expected bulb life

  • .65 watts/bulb

  • Wide array of no-fade colors

  • Ultra-strong dyed epoxy (not glass)

  • No extra power supply needed

Our C-7 and C-9 lamps use up to 95% less power than an incandescent lamp of the same size. At only .65 watts each, compared to 5 or 7 watts for an incandescent, the LEDs will pay for themselves in power savings in no time.

Service Package

Lights For All Seasons, Inc. does it all, from manufacturing and design to installing and operating, we are experts in our industry.

Site Evaluation: Our team will determine an acceptable location for the light show or event. This includes assessing the venue for aesthetics, traffic patterns, environmental concerns, ancillary activity and the potential "wow" effect.

Project Artwork: Our artists will create an art board that depicts the recommended displays and their appropriate locations. We will also provide computer renditions of selected displays. The artwork helps everyone involved in the planning to visualize the scope of the project.

Logistical Assistance: Lights For All Seasons, Inc. will work with the client to ensure all logistical challenges are addressed. Some of the most common considerations in planning lighting projects are: electrical infrastructure, installation, traffic, volunteers and project lifecycle.

First Year Installation: We will send one to three team members to supervise and work with a local crew to help install the displays and to ensure the local supervisor is trained properly on how to install the displays.

The Product: Lights For All Seasons, Inc. works with the best manufacturers in North America, who are on the cutting edge of the industry. Our light displays come with a five season manufacturer's warranty and green friendly LED lamps.

Solar Displays

These earth-friendly light displays utilize solar reflection and wind and do not require electricity. Like our LED lights, they too are customizable to fit the vision of your design.

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